The Bluesy Dan Band’s is a hard drivin’, intense N.Y.C. based Blues Band.  Our musical focus is on the best of standard Blues with some rock thrown in.   Click on the link at the top of the page and you can get the video and audio of an entire past performance for the stated date. 

The Bluesy Dan Band Players:

Dan Berliner Guitar

Sandra Lagerstrom Vocals

  1. R.K. Watkins Guitar

Dennis McGann Bass

Mike Berman Bass

Fernando Menendez Drums

Jenny Amlen Vocals

Chris Reinhard Drums

Tim Kintzel  Guitar

Pete Pantelis Guitar

Shannon Conley Vocals

Steve Johnson Guitar/vocals

Big Ed Sullivan Guitar/vocals

Arthur Neilson Guitar/vocals

Jim Moran Guitar/vocals

Bobby Radcliff Guitar/vocals

Jimmy Mack Guitar/vocals

Mark Henkin Guitar/vocals

Dave Morgan  Guitar/vocals

Bobby Nathan  Guitar/vocals

Paul Shweitzer  Guitar/vocals

David Fields  Guitar/vocals

David Nesdall  Guitar/vocals

Jay Cober  Guitar/vocals

Eric Austin  Guitar/vocals

Arne Englund Guitar/Vocals

John Putnam Guitar/Vocals

Bernie Rose Keys

Clay Goldstein Harp

Chuck Hancock Sax

Jonathan Kalb Guitar/vocals

Dave Rudbarg (vocals)

Joey Gilmore Guitar/Vocals

Dennis Freireich (bass)

Bob Ross (drums)

Rick Rossano (Guitar/Vocals)

Stet Blancett Guitar/Vocals

Mark Telesca (bass, vocals)

Rob Stevenson (drums)

Robert Allen Gibbs (guitar)

Tommy Benson g/v

Bobby Nathan g/v

Jack O’Hara g/v

Rockin Jake h/v

Josh Rowand g/v

Deny Rowand b/v

Joey Gilmore g/v

Drew Preston g/v

Our Next Performances are at Carroll Place 8/21, 8/22, and 9/4